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Here are some good reasons why you should join in ...

  • Square Dancing is GREAT FUN.
  • Come along as a couple, on your own, or with friends.
  • It's a gentle excercise that good for the body.
  • It's great for the mind too.
  • It's Barn Dancing +++, as much fun with more variety.
  • You can wear normal 'street' clothes.
  • We use a variety of music (not only country music).
  • If you've got 2 left feet it's not a problem, bring them both with you.
  • Inexpensive (no special equipment needed and sessions are only 4 a time).

All Square At Zero start Square Dance lessons a couple of times a year, so you never have to wait too long before you can join in and start to enjoy this wonderful past time. (These lessons are normally held just south of Milton Keynes which is where our club is based.)

We aim to teach you to Square Dance to a level that enables you to dance at other clubs or public dances locally or internationally, however this does take several months. Some people are able to attend the class every week and manage to go to public dances after only a couple of months, while others take a little longer. Either way, everything is taught several times to ensure that everyone learns all of the moves they are likely to encounter at dances beyond our club-nights so missing a week here and there is not a problem.

We recognise that most people don't know what Square Dance is, so prior to our classes starting we often have an 'open evening' (or two) where people can come along and 'have a go'. These are advertised on this website and locally though social media and other adverts. You don't need to attend these open evenings first, they just help you decide whether Square Dancing is for you.

If you don't live near us but are interested in Square Dancing, visit the British Association Of American Sqaure Dance Club's website to find a club near you - you can find a link on our links page.

We hope that you choose to give Square Dancing a go and are happy to answer any questions that you have ...

We hope to see you soon.

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