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Video and Photos from some of our dances and events...

We regularly hold dances or party nights at our club and here are some images and film from these events ...

We hope you like them.

SSD Completion - February 2022

On the 28th February we celebrated the completion from our first Social Square Dance programme for four dancers at our regular dance hall in Little Brickhill.

These guys started dancing alongside many others at our American Western Dance evenings (see for full details) in September and are now regularly Square Dancing at our ASAZ Monday evening sessions.

Here is a photo we shared on our FaceBook page:

The Students
Graduation - September 2019

On the 4th September we had a Graduation Party at our regular dance hall in Little Brickhill.

As well as many of the local and regular angels, we were joined by a dozen dancers from other areas to ensure that the evening was special and enjoyed by all.

Here are some photos:

The Graduating Students
The Students
The Angels and Graduates
The Students

And a few short videos for you to enjoy:

The Club's special stomp ...

Which way is the wrong way ...

A spin chain what ...

How about a singing call ...

Summer Dance - June 2019

On the 29th June we held a Mainstream and Plus dance in our regular hall in Kensworth.

Given the temperature on the day we had a good turn out with about 40 dancers - though most didn't dance every tip.

Here are some photos of the dancing:

Photo 1 Photo 1 Photo 1
Graduations - 2018

For various reasons we had THREE seperate graduation events for our new dancers in 2018.

The first was a surprise to the three students present when we graduated them at the club's Summer dance on the 30th June.

Four other dancers from the same intake were then graduated at a special clubnight on the 18th July.

Finally, on the 4th December, again at a special clubnight, three further students were graduated.

All three evenings were very well supported by dancers from various clubs and were very special to those who were graduating.

Here are a couple of photos from the first two of these:

The Graduates and Speakers from June
The Students and Speakers
The Graduates and Club Leaders from July
The Students and Club Leaders
Graduations - 2017

Our first student class graduated on the 5th July 2017.

We had 5 students graduating on the day with a party which included most of our local dancers and many visitors.

Here is a photo of the graduating class with the club leaders (Annika and Kevin).

The Graduates and Club Leaders
The Students and Club Leaders
We hope to see you soon.

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