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The Upcoming 2023 Square Dance Cruise...
Our next cruise will be a 7 Day Cruise to the North of Spain and Western France sailing from Southampton, Sunday 15th October, 2023.

We invite you to join us ... click here for full details.


The 2022 Square Dance Cruise...
Our 7 Day Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords
sailed from Southampton, Friday 13th May, returning on the 20th.

We are very pleased to report that 55 had booked to sail with us, the majority of whom were dancers allowing us to have nearly 6 squares dancing each day during our adventure.

This all took place on the amazing MSC Virtuosa, which is one of the larger cruise ships around, providing us with an on-board sports hall in which to dance. The fact that it was less than half full ensured we had plenty of room to enjoy the various facilities on offer. A wonderful experience for all of those who came along.

Many in the group took pictures and video, of both the dancing and the sights, which they are happy to share with you: click DISPLAY PHOTOS/VIDEOS to take a look.

If you were on the cruise with us and have some photos or video to share, please UPLOAD here.


Everyone who came along agree that the cruise was a great success.
All Square At Zero will therefore be organising another cruise some time in late 2023, or mid 2024
so come back soon to find out more....


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