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Different Types Of Dance.

As identified on my home page, there are three different types of dance events which are all based on Square Dance moves but which are considerably different in the type of dancer that attends and the dances danced:

  • Square Dance.
  • Barn Dance.
  • Hoe Down.
Square Dance

A Square Dance is a dance organised for those that have learned the moves within the Square Dance program.

Each dance will outline the highest level being 'called' and can be attended by Square Dancers that feel confident with the moves up to and including that level.

Square Dances are not attended by those who do not know the moves as little, if any, teaching will take place at the event itself.

Barn Dance

A Barn Dance assumes no previous knowledge of Square Dancing or any other dance form.

A Barn Dance normally includes several traditional dances, but as no prior knowledge is assumed, each dance is taught to the dancers before it is performed, and the dances themselves normally contain 5-10 moves which are repeated througout the dance.

The relative simplicity of the dances and the fact that no prior knowledge is required, makes Barn Dances a real favourite with annual events for companies and sports/social clubs.

Hoe Downs

Like with Barn Dances, Hoe Downs assume no previous knowledge of Square Dancing or any other dance form.

As with Barn Dances, at a Hoe Down, the dancers are taught simple Square Dance moves and then these moves are used in the dance itself, though they are not always called in the same sequence and are therefore less predictable to the dancers.

However, a significant difference is that each song may use moves taught in an earlier song, though there is significant repetition as not all dancers dance every time.

As no prior knowledge is requred, these events are becoming very popular for company and sports/social club parties, though they work best where people are likely to dance to many/most of the songs so that the knowledge of moves can be built up over the course of the event and the caller can make the later songs quite varied in the moves being danced.


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